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Peer Review

New York State Dental Association members demonstrate their commitment to quality care through our Peer Review and Quality Assurance Program.

Peer Review provides a confidential, impartial and timely way to resolve complaints about the appropriateness and quality of dental treatment provided by NYSDA-member dentists. Participation in this alternative dispute resolution process is a membership requirement.

Peer Review resolves patient complaints confidentially. Neither the process nor its outcome is reported to any outside agency – or the public. Peer Reviews are resolved by a committee of impartial professional peers. Peer Review resolutions are final. Peer Review findings have been upheld by the court, providing the doctor with immunity from subsequent litigation.

 A Guide to Peer Review outlines the process a Peer Review case undergoes on its way to resolution.
The Peer Review Manual: 
PR Manual 2017 -- is the official rules document for the Peer Review process.

Peer Review provides:

  • An alternative to resolve complaints about dental treatment;

  • An objective evaluation of treatment by a committee of impartial professional peers;

  • Confidentiality;

  • A refund of fees to the patient when treatment is not consistent with the standard of care.

To be eligible for Peer Review:

  • Treatment must be provided by a NYSDA member dentist; 

  • Treatment must have been completed within 2 ½ years prior to submission of the Agreement to Submit to Peer Review;  

  • Dispute cannot have been submitted to or resolved by an alternative mechanism; i.e., collection action, legal proceeding, OPD, etc.

Benefits to NYSDA Members 

  • Process is confidential. There is no reporting to any outside entity, i.e., OPD, National Practitioner Data Bank, the public, etc;

  • Process is definitive and final. Parties cannot sue subsequent to a Peer Review decision. The process has been upheld repeatedly by the courts;

  • Treatment is evaluated by your professional peers;

  • When treatment is found to be acceptable, the doctor receives the fees owed by the patient.

Peer Review Training Video's

Please click here to watch the peer review training videos. 

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